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Plasma Fusion Spray

Tiger Machining has the capability of spraying ceramic pistons, flow tubes, babbitt bearings, pump shafts, connecting and compressor rods, and frac pump plungers. Also offered are internal and external thermal spray repairs to cylinders, piston rods, crossheads and pump shafts. We have the ability to spray internally from 6” to 26” and externally up to 35”.

We utilize a variety of spray materials and are capable of coating in Molybdenum, Metco, Stainless Steel, Ceramic, Babbitt, Bronze, Zinc, Tungsten Carbide, Aluminum Bronze, and Inconel. The bond coat can be in both ID and OD systems. We also have the capability to provide fusion coating and field servicing for zinc and galvanizing applications.

Tiger Machining uses a 6 Alloy Coating for metalizing compressor rods:

  • 74.6% Molybdenum
  • 18.0% Nickel
  • 3.7% Chromium
  • 1.8% Silicon
  • 0.5% Boron Cobalt
  • 0.5% Iron
  • 1.0% Carbon
  • Vickers C 50-56

The Molybdenum spray combination we use has proven itself over time through experience to be the premier spray for many applications.

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is applicable to your component repair.

Frac Pump Plungers

Tiger Machining has the ability to repair your frac pump plungers using a Nickel Chromium spray fusion coating. This is an accepted repair practice in the industry and Tiger can perform these services at a fraction of the cost of a new plunger, with quick turnaround times and guaranteed high quality. If required, we can also manufacture these plungers new.