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Mechanical and Speciality

Tiger Machining’s breadth of capabilities, expertise, and a demand for better components from those in the industry is why we manufacture and stock an array of upgraded specialty products. We have a selection of modified accessory driver eliminator kits, compressor packing entry sleeves, spark plug sockets, engine piston entering sleeves, liner pullers, crosshead nut wrenches and modified oil canisters.

Eliminator Kits

EliminatorOur modified accessory driver eliminator kits for Waukesha VHP engines have proven to be a popular replacement item at overhaul opportunities. These are stock in both old and new style configurations on an exchange basis. This eliminates the necessity to rebuild the accessory drivers, which are no longer required, just to maintain the gear train.

Oil Canisters

OilCannister We can modify oil canisters to provide a positive seal that can virtually eliminate the leaks caused by the previous c-clamp tighteners that are supplied by the OEM’s. Call us today for a quote for a conversion.


Tiger Machining is a stocking distributor and repair center for TDI starters. We have new and exchange starters available for most applications. Our repair center is one of the best and most respected throughout the TDI distributor network due to our knowledge and quality of repair of these starters. We have developed a strong relationship with the supplier and customers to earn our current position of trust. Let us assist you with your starter requirements.


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